Campaign Season Is In Full Force

With the Hollywood Film Awards in the books let the awards season campaigning fully begin. People may wonder what the Hollywood Film Awards is. It’s truly a generic title for an awards show with an uncertain origin.

At the Hollywood Films Awards, when big name stars like Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts show up the media and industry pay attention, and vice versa. Cameras flash, interviews are done, and campaigning takes place at the event.

In fairness, this is not the only event during awards season where the selection process involves more negotiating than voting. Many could say it’s harmless, and typical of Hollywood where publicity and exposure trumps creditability.

Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock, both walked away with Hollywood Actor and Actress of the year Monday night. Originally it was thought the Weinstein Company would push Julia Roberts for “August: Osage County” for Actress of the year but decided to move her to the Best Supporting Actress category, hence she walked away with something called the Hollywood Supporting Actress Award.

Being available though awards season is the key. If you’re a big named star and you’re willing and able to receive an award, particularly if you can deliver another big named star to give it to you then you’ll find somebody ready to give you that award.

That somebody this week is Carlos de Abrue, the founder and executive producer of the Hollywood Film Awards. He talks with the studios and decides who gets the awards.

Leading up to this year’s show it was mostly ignored by every Hollywood trade publication except the Hollywood Reporter, who has ownership ties to Dick Clark Productions. By coincidence Dick Clark Productions had “exclusive” rights to stream the Red Carpet Live on this year.

I’m confident Jennifer Garner, knew her friend Matthew McConaughey was going to win the Hollywood Best Actor award.

It may not be the official kick off to awards season but it is the official kick off of campaign season.

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