Networks Taking First Steps at Redefining Ratings Measurements

There are currently many challenges when coming to audience measurement. The data is a hard one to read nowadays with all the different types of viewership platforms. Last month, the executive’s at all four major networks met with media to explain these platforms and how they are affecting ratings. Not all platforms are tracked by Nielsen which is causing a numbers meltdown within the industry. Essentially the networks were trying to help spin the numbers within the media.

You might be asking what the platforms are. Well, I’m going to give you a break down and show you how the networks are trying to sell them to advertisers and the media.

Platform: Authentication
On-Demand access to programming via internet for views who subscribe to cable or satellite services. This service has been a tough sell to viewers but the networks are hoping it takes traction to become the new C7.

Platform: C3
This is your standard platform for selling advertising. Includes viewing of the commercial breaks within programming when viewed three days after premier broadcast. If the viewer skips past commercials using a DVR fast-forward bottom, the view does not count.

Platform: C7
Essential this is the same platform as C3 however the networks get paid for views up to a week after the premier broadcast. This is becoming the new C3 as delayed viewing is becoming more popular.

Platform: Mobile
More and more viewers are watching programming through smart phones and tablets; however there currently is no standard in place to measure these views.

Platform: Streaming
Networks offer full selective episodes on their websites with fewer ads but ads cannot be skipped, which allows networks to sell guaranteed Ad views. Hulu is also included in this category.

Platform: Video-on-Demand and Dynamic Ad Insertion
With more viewers using free Video-on-Demand to catch up on their favorite programs, networks have stated to plug some of this viewing into the package they offer advertisers. However, the network must run the exact number of ads included in the premiere broadcast.


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