What Does A Fired Hollywood Executive Do Next

adam folelsonLets face it firings in Hollywood are no different than any other industry, they may even be abrupt. Look at Adam Folelson, former chairman of Universal who recently partied at Ron Howard’s Rush Toronto Film Festival gala learning from media outlets just hours before of his firing.

Folelson is just the second studio executive to lose his job since June. First being Jeff Robinov who departed Warner Bros and just settled a release from the studio this week.

While Fogelson’s departure was outrageous considering the gross profits of Universal, executives are well aware there is no happily ever after. Most know you are hired to be fired.

So, what does a fired executive do when the party’s over?

It all depends on how they spin it. I highly recommend not saying they were fired! No one wants their name linked to “I was fired”; it’s a death wish. Most choose to take the high road by saying I’m going to pursue other interest.

Vacation time is needed. The real challenge will come from having to find themselves away from their title. It’s very easy to get caught up in these jobs. Many have not taken vacations in years. Sure they travel around the world many times but not truly seeing their travels.

Who’s your friend? Former executives will learn the true test of industry friendships. For the first few months the phone will still ring then overtime it will stop. Some could even lose the ability to book a reservation at popular restaurants or get in at exclusive clubs. Within a couple months agents, producers or even talent they may have developed stop returning calls. That’s a tough one to sallow.

What’s next? It all depends on what stage of life they are at. Their next step at 65 could be different than if they are 40 years old. Some will decide to take time off while others will start placing calls within hours of their firing. Few will decided their studio careers are over.

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